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Bijapure Harmonium Foundation is proud to celebrate

20 Years of Journey in Harmony

Raaga Bhaava Taala Sangama 

About Us. . . 

BIJAPURE HARMONIUM FOUNDATION is forum solely dedicated to the cause of promoting and propagating Harmonium as a prime and paramount instrument in the forte of Indian Classical Music.


The foundation is named after the meastro

Pandit Guruvarya Sri Ramabhau Bijapure

(1917 - 2010) a legendary harmonium exponent in the history of Indian Classical Music.

The vision is to continue the legacy of the Revered Master by training & nurturing young talented Harmonium players. 

The foundation has  been consistent in organizing annual event "Harmonium Habba"

by recognizing, inviting & positively engaging musicians from different parts of the country.

The solo recording albums released by the foundation has been widely recognized and are appreciated by the connoisseurs which truly stands as a testimonial to the magnanimity, depth and love he had towards the Hindustani Classical Music and especially on the Harmonium instrument.


Event Updates

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Samarasa Samvadini


World Harmonium Summit


Journey in Harmony


Harmonium Habba

Sri Sudhir Nayak - Sri Anish Pradhan - Late Sri Pandit Tulasi Das Borkar - Sri Ravindra Katoti - Sri K J Kamat
Event - Harmonium Habba


Sri Praveen Godkhindi - Sri Vidwan Shathaavadhaani Ganesh 
                           Dwadasha Swara Sambhrama 

About the " Master "

One among the noble souls the music world has seen. Guruji lived a life of 94 years full of accomplishments and contentment. Blessed by the galaxy of maestros of last century, like Vid. Hannikeri Mallayya, Pt.Ramkrishnabuva Vaze, Pt Shivarambuva Vaze, Pt.Kagalkarbuva, he treasured the rich heritage of Hindustani classical music & has taught music to more than 15,000 students over a period of 76 years.


Guruvarya has accompanied five generations of vocalists of the country, starting from Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Saheb. The mastering technique is he creating a unique profile of the Harmonium as a solo instrument bringing life into harmonium with help of grace notes, volume control and perfect balance of sound and silence.


His style of playing continues for three generations, to carve its own place, under the title ‘BIJAPURE GHARANA’


- Dr Ravindra Gururaj Katoti


Harmonium Classes

Bijapure Harmonium Foundation sole motto is to enrich, help and nurture the talents those who are interested to learn the instrument.

The foundation so far has trained nearly 50+ students and most of them have established themselves to be a solo performing & accompanying artist.

Few of them have are also being recognized by the

All India Radio and are providing shows on a contract or permanent basis.

Those who are interested to enroll for the Harmonium Class can fill in the form and submit their details and shall be further contacted on the admission.


Harmonium Workshop

The foundation has always encouraged the musicians, students of Indian classical music & connoisseurs by conducting workshops enabling opportunities to know & understand the instrument in its depth. 

The foundation has widely given opportunities to the artists and musicians in order to present ideas, discuss and brainstorm on the topics that are relevant in the field of Indian Classical Music



In order to enable the students to exhibit their ideas and thoughts of their learnings Baithaks are a wonderful platform to perform & helps to get instant feedback of their renditions. 

Bijapure Harmonium Foundation is proud to celebrate two decades of journey in Harmony

Dr Ravindra G Katoti

Its a moment of great pride as we complete 20 years of memorable musical journey 

Adv KJ Kamat & Kamat

The foundation has consistently been unique in conducting events & in featuring artists. 

Smt Archana G Katoti

A matter of great privilege &  pride for us to be part of this noble foudnation

BHF Students