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The Journey so far . . . 

Since the inception in the year 2003 Bijapure Harmonium Foundation

has always been has been unique in conducting events which are solely focused and centered towards the instrument.

Its efforts  are widely recognized by the music lovers, connoisseurs and the general public & even including the leading general media outlets.

A special regards to mention about KJ Kamath who is an ardent devotee of 
Guruvarya Pt. Rambhau Bijapure has always been backbone of all the initiatives and endeavors of the foundation since its inception.

Timeline . . .

Bijapure Harmonium Foundation

2003 - Inauguration of Bijapure Harmonium Foundation


Video Documentary Release


Mastar's Solo Performance


Video Documentary & Audio album release of "Maha Meru" on 18th Sep, 2005


Solo performance by Pt Rambhau Bijapure at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall on 27th May 2005

2007 - Till Date

Harmonium Habba



Bijapure Harmonium Foundation has been religious in celebrating annual festival under the title " Harmonium Habba " 


Release of "Swarayana"  - A biography of Pt Rambhau Bijapure authored by

Sri Shirish Joshi


Samarasa Samvadini


Guruvary's Sad Demise


Samarasa Samvadini on 27th August 2010

Demise of Guruvarya Pt Rambhau Bijapure


Guru Smriti

First Guru Smriti at Belagavi


Dwadasha Swara Sambhrama


Journey in Harmony

Dwadasha Swara Sambhrama on 12 - 12 -2012

Untrodden & Unexplored.

Journey in Harmony is a first of its kind in the journey of the instrument. 


Naada Vitthala

Bhakti Samvadini


One Decade Celebrations

One decade celebrations of BHF and 10th Harmonium Habba


Centenary Celebrations

Inauguration of birth centenary celebrations of Guruvarya Pt Rambhau Bijapure by His Holiness Sri Siddeshwara Swamiji at the Kagwada - The birth place of Guruvarya.


Journey across USA & Singapore

Series of Solo Concerts, Lecture Demonstrations, Workshops across USA & Singapore  in commemoration of 100th year of Guruvarya


World Harmonium Summit

First World Harmonium Summit on Jan 3rd, 4th 5th of Jan 108


II World Harmonium Summit

2007 - Till Date

Guru Smriti

Second World Harmonium Summit

In remembrance of Guruvarya Pt Rambhau Bijapure & Sri Gururaj Katoti the foudnation has been religious in celebrating events under the title Guru Smriti each year in Belgavi & Bengaluru

2007 - Till Date

Harmonium Habba

The most popular annual festival of the foundation is " Harmonium Habba " which is conducted each year.

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